Comrade Muhammed Arslan

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THKP-C/MLSPB guerilla and comrade Muhammed Arslan (Kadir Tandoğan) joint our movement in 2014 and was locally active at the pirate and militia street demonstrations. During the Rojava revolution and the Kobane resistance, our movement crossed over to Rojava and together with us, in April 2015 our comrade also took part in the Rojava revolution, alongside his youth friend Alper Çakas (Ahmet Saner)

He joined the International Freedom Battalion who was formed in Rojava, as a fighter from PartyFront , and he took part in the Commander Rubar Qamisli campaign who joined together the Kobane and Cezire kantons. As a fighter from PartyFront, he raised highly the flag of the international revolutionaries

Comrade Muhammed Arslan was tasked by our party to start with the rural guerilla activities and he was very honored to be the first one to do that. But he was martyred at the mountains of Kurdistan, where the fire of freedom is at his peak, at the 5th of August by aerial bombardments coming from the fascist and putschitst Turkish Armed Forces

Comrade Muhammed Arslan was the very first THKP-C/MLSPB rural guerilla. In his short lifespan, he gave meaning to being militia in the metropoles, Internationalist fighter in Rojava and guerilla of the PartyFront  in the mountains

Friend Muhammed Arslan, with his revolutionary energy, his class awareness in his friendly relations, his militant and punk nature, revolutionary will and his strong confident in the revolution and the party, he became militia at his 16th year, freedom fighter when he was 17 and was only 18 when he became our party’s symbol and vanguard

He and the ones like him are the ones who took over the legacy of Serpil Polat and continued the resistance in the jails at the mountains

He and the ones like him are the ones who are the fury at the barrel of the guns of the Turkish and Kurdish working people

He and the ones like him are the ones who carry the believe, identity and hopes of all the oppressed and exploited people in the Middel East

He and the ones like him are the ones who rejected surrender and continued the struggle

He and the ones like him are the ones who are the comrades of the freedom fronts of the people in Turkey

We, as PartyFront  movement, pledge that we will transfer the freedom fire at the Kurdistan mountains to the Zigana’s, Taurus’ and Kackar mountains who also dream about independency

We, as PartyFront  movement, pledge that we will continue our struggle against imperialism, oligarchy and fascism until we reach and independent, democratic and socialist Turkey

Kadir Tandogan is alive and struggling

Front  is growing and fighting

To the Party, to the Front, to the Victory

07 Eylül 2016

People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey – Marxist Leninist Armed Propaganda Unity 


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